May marks the beginning of Urgent Care Awareness Month, and LCMC Health Urgent Care would like to take a moment to talk about why it’s so important. The Healthcare industry can be very complex, making it confusing for someone who just needs quick treatment for a mild medial issue. That’s why urgent care has become so important- by offering convenience, easy access, and quick, efficient treatment, patients can rest easy knowing that there’s a place they can go to for non-emergency help.

The Role of Urgent Care

Urgent care centers are a very important bridge between primary care physicians, specialists, and emergency rooms. Because people can visit urgent care clinics rather than an ER for simple injuries or illnesses, the ER can remain less crowded. This allows serious issues to be seen and treated more quickly. And if someone comes to LCMC Health Urgent Care with an emergency, our clinical team can send the patient to our partner health system where they can be seen. Also, if someone comes in with an issue that needs specialized care, LCMC Health Urgent Care can refer patients to affiliated specialists, so they can treat the issue with a high level of expertise.

Convenience and Accessibility

At LCMC Health Urgent Care, we are committed to providing the service you need when you need it. Unlike primary care locations, which may have limited availability for short-notice appointments, or ERs that can have long wait times, our urgent care clinics offer a middle ground where people can walk in and receive timely care for their non-emergency medical needs. Searching for “urgent care near me” or “walk-in clinic near me” will guide you to our convenient locations.

For further convenience, LCMC Health Urgent Care offers telehealth services with Virtual Care. If you feel unwell and prefer to stay in bed, you can still speak to a medical provider from the comfort of your home. We understand that time is of the essence and convenience is crucial, which is why we strive to provide excellent service without compromising quality.

Extended Hours and Comprehensive Care

In a world where convenience is king, LCMC Health Urgent Care stands out as a reliable and efficient healthcare provider. Whether you’re looking for an urgent care near me or need information about our urgent care hours, our clinics are here to meet your non-emergency medical needs. We offer extended hours, online registration, and the ability to treat a wide variety of minor illnesses and injuries including lacerations, sprains, rashes, coughs, colds, and more. We’re open seven days a week for ages three months and older, with no appointment ever necessary. As we observe Urgent Care Awareness Month, we recognize and celebrate the essential role that urgent care centers play in our healthcare system. Visit our website or call us for more information and let LCMC Health Urgent Care be your trusted walk in urgent care.