3 Facts About Rapid Covid Tests in New Orleans

COVID-19 continues to be a serious health concern around the world. Although vaccines have become readily available to help protect people from the disease, large segments of the population are not immunized. And, while some choose not to be vaccinated against COVID-19, it is generally considered acceptable for people with underlying health conditions. However, children under the age of 12 are not considered eligible for COVID-19 vaccines at this time. With that said, while vaccination is shown to minimize COVID-19 infection and hospitalization risk, it is not 100% effective at protecting against the disease. If you are a vaccinated or unvaccinated individual and believe you have been exposed, testing is still important. LCMC Health is ready to meet your COVID-19 testing needs and provide the quality care you deserve. Learn more about COVID rapid tests in New Orleans with these three facts.

1. There Are Currently Two Types of COVID-19 Tests

Did you know that there are currently two different kinds of COVID tests available? Both antibody testing (also serology testing) and viral testing (antigen or PCR testing) are used to detect the presence of the disease. But they work in different ways. Antibody tests are typically used on individuals who have already recovered from the disease to confirm that they were infected with COVID-19. This can be helpful for those who may have been asymptomatic during their infection or those who want to rule out other possible infections. However, a viral test can tell you if you are currently infected. LCMC offers rapid COVID tests to New Orleans patients to help them confirm whether they have been infected.

2. The Two COVID Testing Methods Look for Different Things

Because both of these tests are designed to detect COVID-19 at different stages, the methods they utilize to do so are also different. Antibody tests look for signs of certain proteins that can indicate that a person has had the virus. However, virus testing searches for signs of the virus’s genetic materials within an individual. The results of serology can take more time to develop, but serology tests are generally considered to be more sensitive than viral tests.

3. Collection Methods Are Also Different

Of course, both tests require sample collection to determine whether a person has been infected with COVID-19. However, the types of samples and how they are gathered are different for each. Viral testing typically requires a nasal or oral swab or a saliva test. These methods are minimally invasive and easily tolerated by most individuals. Serology tests require the collection of a blood sample to indicate whether a person was previously infected with COVID-19.

Searching for Rapid COVID Tests in New Orleans?

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