Do you know what you should know about our New Orleans urgent care? Find out more with LCMC.

Many people turn to their New Orleans urgent care as an alternative to their regular doctor and the emergency room. When you need to see a doctor as soon as possible, urgent care just makes more sense than waiting for days for an appointment or expensive bills. The convenience of urgent care is appealing, but there are a few additional benefits you might not know about urgent care!

New Orleans Urgent Care Has Shorter Wait Times

When you visit a New Orleans urgent care, you can expect much shorter wait times than the emergency room. In many cases, the wait time is even shorter than your doctor, who might not have availability for several days or weeks. 

On the other hand, the emergency room can see you any time, day or night. Unfortunately, you can expect to wait for several hours depending on your condition and how busy the ER is. People choose our New Orleans urgent care because we offer after-hours care even if you do not have an appointment. In many cases, we see patients within minutes of walking through the door. Additionally, urgent cares often post their wait times online to make things easier for you on busy days.

Urgent Cares are Not For Emergencies

The right urgent care offers a wide variety of medical services that both your doctor’s office and emergency room offer, including diagnostic testing. Unfortunately, they are not equipped to handle trauma and emergencies. Never use urgent care as a substitute for your local ER in emergency situations. If you’ve suffered from major trauma or are experiencing a life-threatening injury or illness, call 911 or go to the emergency room immediately.

You Can Save Money Going to an Urgent Care

The most appealing part of visiting a New Orleans urgent care is you can save a significant amount of money compared to the emergency room. Your average visit to the emergency room can cost you $1,000 or more depending on what you’re being seen for. When you visit an urgent care, you could be paying as little as a $30 or $40 copay, with most visits costing under $200 even if you’re uninsured. Of course, prices depend on why you’re being seen and what tests need to be performed. In the end, you can save yourself a lot of money simply by avoiding the emergency room for non-emergency services.

One of the newest features of many urgent care centers around the country is telemedicine. You can schedule a virtual appointment with a doctor without ever having to leave your house. These visits can be great for after-hours issues or when you simply don’t feel well enough to leave home. The best part? Virtual visits can actually save you money compared to an in-person visit!

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