Is It Too Late to Get My Flu Shots in New Orleans?

Believe it or not, we are wrapping up 2021 and preparing for the new year. As we enter January, we strive to begin the year with healthy goals and habits in place. Make your flu shot a part of your wellness plans. While experts typically recommend getting your vaccination during October to protect against the spreading flu, you can still get your flu vaccine even now. Schedule your appointment with LCMC Health Urgent Care today to make sure you and your family stay safe from the flu! Are you worried that it’s too late to get your flu shots from our urgent care in New Orleans? Here’s why you can still get vaccinated even if it’s late in the season.

There Is Never a Wrong Time to Get Your Flu Shot

While October is the time recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to get your flu vaccine, the season lasts through May of the following year. Many positive cases are experienced during the winter at the end of the year and into the start of the next. So even if you have not yet gotten your flu shots, now is as good a time as ever to get yours in New Orleans! In fact, medical professionals offer flu vaccinations as late as May if flu cases are still high. Even though the flu shot won’t provide you with protection immediately following your shot, it can still greatly increase your chances of staying well and spreading the virus to other members of your family and community. 

What If I’m Already Showing Flu Symptoms?

If you’re beginning to feel sick, discuss your symptoms with your healthcare provider. Those with mild symptoms may still be able to get their shot. But if you have a high fever or are feeling especially sick, it may be best to wait until after your symptoms have subsided to get your shot. Whether you have the flu or simply a high fever from a cold, being sick at the time of your vaccine may cause it to be less effective. When in doubt, talk with the professionals. Your doctor can help you determine the right time to vaccinate.

If you are sick and required to postpone your shot, wait the recommended amount of time for recovery. Once you have gotten over your sickness, get in touch with your closest provider to schedule your vaccine! This is especially important for those who have compromised immune systems. Patients six months of age and older who have never had allergic reactions to the vaccine are eligible and highly encouraged to get their flu shots. When you’re ready to schedule, find flu shots for you and your loved ones in New Orleans at our urgent care clinic. 

Get Your Flu Shots Today in New Orleans

LCMC Health Urgent Care is ready to help you get your flu shots in New Orleans! We have three convenient locations throughout the city in Lakeview, Clearview, and Uptown. Contact your closest location today or check-in online to mark your place in line. Our flu shots can help you, your family, and the community stay well during the spread. Or if you are experiencing flu symptoms, our clinic can test you for the virus and help you determine the right treatment to feel better faster.